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  1. Your pet had a pretty cool name.

    Sorry to hear about your loss!
  2. How about the show?

    Gonna try to find some time off to reply your pms.

    See ya!
  3. Rav! How are you?

    Got the pm reply I sent you some time ago?

    See ya!
  4. Had a great time reading your posts over the thread that Sobolewski said some stuff about VH 4.0.Great posts there, sweet lady!See ya!
  5. Good to see you around, Rav!

  6. Whoa!


    How are you? Good to see you around!
  7. Sweet lady!

    How are you? Hope all is fine!
  8. Ravenna! How are you?

    Hope everything is fine with you!

    See ya!
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