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  1. You know me - I'm always fine (thanks for asking, btw).

    How are you doing? Job? Girls? Music?

    See ya!
  2. I am doing well! How are you?
  3. AJ, my friend!

    How are you doing? Good to see you around!

  4. How are you, man?

    Have a nice weekend, J!
  5. AJ! How are you?

    Is everything fine, man!

    See ya!
  6. Oh, man. Those are bad news.
    May God help and bless you all thru these hard times.
  7. There is a chance of a transplant but there is a good chance that she will be denied because of her age (76 years old). As far as treatment goes, she is on medicine to reduce the amount of "fluid" around her heart but the condition will continue to get worse until she finally dies.
  8. It's good to know you got a job.
    But I'm sad knowing your grandma is sick now.

    Any chance of a transplant? Or an alternative treatment?
  9. I've been better...

    I have a job now working with my cousin, I am making decent money but at least I am making money.

    We just found out that my grandmother has class 4 stage 1 congestive heart failure, she has about 2 years to live.
  10. How are you, my friend?

    See ya!
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