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  1. It's like this was made just for you haha
  2. Gotta get dat cash flow.
    Get back on Facebook man.

    Five Guys is expensive, but my mind was blown when I went there and the soundtrack consisted of the Who, Zappa, Van Halen, Pink Floyd and even Saga.
    I kind of felt sorry for the people working there since they obviously don't like that kind of music.
    Maybe it will educate them, though.

    I heard a new Mastodon tune on the radio last week.
    Not liking the new album, but it was a big surprise to hear them on Australian radio.
    There's some pop song out there by some chick that has the catchiest chorus ever, but I have no idea what it is and it's killing me.

    I'll be back in the land of the free on Saturday.
  3. Been laying low & working a lot.
    Today, after work, i got a burger at 5 guys burgers (or whatever it's called).
    It was all young black & hispanic kids, who worked there!
    I guess the theme of the chain is they dress in red & white, and blare classic rock
    on the sound system.

    At one point, "Looks that kill" by Motley Crue came on, and i heard one black kid
    say, "What the hell is this shit they be playin?"

    I had to secretly laugh to myself.
  4. Oh come on, you mean that nothing at all has happened?
    What about that cheap pot you smoked? Haha
  5. Uneventful, in a word.
  6. Hahaha.

    So how's your summer been?
  7. You're welcome, bitch!
  8. Thanks, ya bastard
  9. Great thread idea, jack!
    Lyrics or instrumentals.
    It's thought provoking!
  10. What's been going on, Jules?

    Back in the States in less than two weeks.
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