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  1. Have a nice weekend.

  2. My pleasure Simon.

    I totally agree on Dave being the right man for Van Halen, always was, always will be.

    Whatever our opinions on band members, I think Van Halen will do as they please, just like they always have.

  3. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! What a nice history lesson you posted to me.
    THANKS a lot for that. Much appreciated. Really.

    Dave is/was always Funny. That's the way he is and he was really the right frontman to lead the Van Halens.
    I noticed some new discussion about Sobolewski and his return to the band just pop up as Dave wanted to see him back.
    I don't care. I've enough of all the bad blood regarding to that here. I'm just a fan. I like Wolfie =VH= as the bass player.
    And these stuff by now only shows how instable these people are - it's all about the money. A little about the music.
    Zero for the fans.

    Man, great to talk to you.

    See ya!
  4. The only connection this metro has with Van Halen is that it's most southern destination is Lewisham, a district in south London.

    Van Halen played there on their first world tour in 1978. David Lee Roth famously announced to the crowd, 'Lewisham, you're the rock n roll capital of the world.'

    The British press picked up on that over the top statement and every time Van Halen revisited the UK, certain parts of the music press would reprint that quotation as an indication of Dave's exuberance and over the top embellishment; and some just recited it to indicate that the American rock group were ridiculous compared to iconic London groups such as The Clash who were considered to be more socially and culturally relevant in the UK
  5. It's different to London's Underground, known as the tube.

    The DLR is a light metro and light rail - rapid transit system in London.

    And I actually get my name from the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) and a report published in 1973, by the London Docklands Study Team, which first recognized a future demand for better transport in the Isle of Dogs.

    If you would like to read more about this, just click on the 'about me' tab on my profile page.

    The fact that I have an early photo of David Lee Roth (DLR) singing with Van Halen circa 1973 as my avatar is not just coincidental but designed to show that not everything is as it may seem, purely from a creative point of view.
  6. It's ok, man.

    What is this train in your profile pic? Is it the subway?
    Here in Brazil we call it as 'Metrô', from metropolitan urban transport.

    See ya!
  7. That's way before I signed up, but I always used to click on the site and yes, I remember that writing color, cool.

    Cheers Simon
  8. The blue writing reminded me when I used to use orange as a main color here while posting.
    Back then, the site used to have a black background and it seemed to be cool with that color.

    Sobolewski is ok for me as the bass player of CVH. And that's it. Not a fan of the persona or musician.
    Discussions about him here are pretty much like beating on a dead horse and it sucks all the time.
    Besides, I'm tired of it and the band is/was moving with EVH's son. Kid's alright. And I'm just a fan.

    Thanks for the visitor message. Nice to talk to you. See ya!
  9. Simon, we may not always agree on the subject of Michael Anthony, but you are one of the classiest Moderators I have come across.

    Thanks for sticking around while all this sh*ts been hitting the fan.
  10. Hi there and Welcome!

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