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  1. "Happy Mother's Day, Mah! Now get in the pit!"
  2. This annoying guy came in with his annoying mother, and neither of them would not stop talking.
    They'd ask for one thing, then she'd ask for another thing, then he'd ask something else...
    Well, this idiot was a Ghost fan, and he was taking his mom to the show, who'm listened to
    Pat Boone.
    He kept asking me, "Will there be a place for her to sit at the venue?"
  3. Played Infestissumam for my Mom...

    And she liked it! Haha! She wants me to burn her a copy! She doesn't really like rock in any form.
  4. Don't feel like a dick, i'm the one that owed you a new private message.
  5. Send me an update!
    Been busy with stuff, and now I feel like a total dick for forgetting to ask.
  6. ...and here comes the part where JD pretends all is well, after calling you a dick for several pages.
    That guy is as predictable as they come!
  7. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!
    Now THAT was funny!
    "Gracie, ask the man where they keep the stoner metal section!"
    "Uhm...ahmmm...do you...uhm...have Pentagram?"
  8. Haha you should have given her Trouble's Psalm 9.
    Yes, Gracie, that's the girl....
    I swear...
  9. Haha, pregnant AND dumb!

    This adorable little girl came in tonight, with her mother.
    Her mom is like, "Go ahead, Grace, ask him...you can do it, ask him!"
    So i said, "What's on your mind, Grace?"
    She's all shy, and goes, "Uhmm....uhm....do you...uhm...do you have the girl
    who sing's the song, Trouble?"

    So Grace bought her first Taylor Swift CD.
    Too cute!
  10. Close call.
    Meanwhile, a pregnant girl who used to be in my Music Appreciation class just put up a status on Facebook bragging about drinking Coronas and Tequila for Cinco de Mayo.
    What a fucked up world...
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