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  1. Poor Lita doesn't know what she's missing out on!
  2. NOBODY writes better songs than The Who, NOBODY!
    Except, possibly, Ghost.
  3. No one bought it when it came out in February, so they want to claim a later release date to get people interested?
    I want to read it, but I'm not buying it!
  4. I told you!
    Man, we got that book (the paperback) in early February, not sure why they are claiming it to be released
    in mid march?
  5. Looks like you weren't joking about the extra chapter in Sammy's book. Here's his explanation of it:


    I find it hard to believe that only his and Keith Richards's books went to #1.
  6. Seems like a smart idea on what to do to make the fans happy. I had no idea of that, I haven't heard much In Flames. I watched them from afar, they were alright.
  7. Ghost are like the new Kiss!

    I was reading Ace's bio, and he mentions buying the early Kiss albums in NYC record stores,
    and no one knew he was the guy in the band.
    Ghost claim to come offstage, after their set, and blend in with the crowd, to hear what they
    say about them.
    Did you realize that there are no longer any original members left in, In Flames?
  8. Sounds more like a spooky ghost story (pun not intended).
    In Flames are on the bill of the festival I'm going to tomorrow.. I may as well see them if they're affiliated with Ghost somewhat.
    Check out this tune by Kvelertak, the band who opened for Mastodon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zauhY...eature=related
    Their lyrics are all Norwegian, but they're a peculiar mix of punk, black metal and hard rock. I'll be the first to admit that their studio stuff isn't that good though.
  9. Cool picks!
    I was reading someting with the band 'In Flames,' and one of the members said they had been touring with GHOST
    for a few weeks once, and never saw anyone but Ghost roadies.
    One night he was playing a card game with one of the Ghost "roadies," only to learn it was the actual singer.
    He said he looked more like a roadie than a guy in a band, which he thought was kinda cool.
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