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  1. You're welcome
  2. I'm just waiting for when they discover the first extraterrestrial life.
    How will they announce it?
    Will we get to see it?

    Hahahaha, cheeky Isis.

    I got into some heat this past week...
    But the good news is that I've been made an honorary black by my African American History teacher who hates white people.
    I'm holding it down.
  3. The planet is amazing.
    From Desert to the wild woods, such incredible contrast in enviorment.
    I love how when you look at the landscape of Mars, it's basically like Arizona or
    I hope to God they build a Walmart on Mars, in my lifetime!

    Poor Isis, i had no idea!
    Of course, their choice for their new 'best of' CD was not too swift.
    They called it, "Heads will roll, Isis from Boston to LA."
  4. It's so much less genuine.
    Just be friendly and plastic all the time... I don't like it.
    Most people do, because they prefer going through life with everyone being friendly and there being no issues, but I'd rather people just be real with me.

    I think that the track has some tasty riffs.
    Sorry for getting your hopes up, though.
    Isis had to change the name of their Facebook page because people were writing angry comments on their wall all the time.

    One my teammates lives in Grand Canyon National Park literally 3 minutes from the canyon.
    I'm at his place for the weekend.
    It's incredible how Southern Az is all desert and then turns into straight forest in the north.
    I saw the canyon at night yesterday and it seemed so vast.
  5. Ahh yes, Old man gloom.
    He has had that band since Isis was around, kind of a side project.
    The theme was always ape related.
    I'm surprised the label is not his own, as he runs an indie label (Hydra, i think?)
    I like OMG, but Isis was more of a mixture of sludge & beauty, more epic.
  6. Yeah, my niece had moved to California for a couple years.
    i swear, she came back with a completely different personality!
    She was wearing sunglasses non-stop & talking all valley and shit.
    She never really was the same again.

    I will check out the Isis thing, is it Aaron Turner's new band?
    Isis remains incredible to me.
    So depressing a stupid middle eastern terrorist group has stolen their name!
    Now i picture be-headings when i hear the name.
  7. https://soundcloud.com/profoundlorer...gloom-the-lash

    Also, check this out. It's the guy from Isis's new project.
  8. Starting to re-think being a West Coast guy. These people are too fake... East Coast and Northwest seem a lot more genuine. Can't stand these plastic people.
  9. You're welcome... Glad you enjoyed it.

    Are you a fan of the Shining or Mrs.Doubtfire?
  10. Oh my God, that was fucking brilliant!

    I lliterally have tears pouring out of my eyes, i laughed so hard.
    Thank you, i will have to send this to a few people!
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