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  1. They were the poor man's Guns 'N roses, of the time.

    Just watched two more episodes of "Skins."
    Poor Mini can't catch a break, looks like she had a mis-carriage...
    That chick (Mini) looks so fucking cute when she dances, btw.
    They've had her dance in three episodes, and she looks adorable everytime.
  2. "Razor's Edge" is a cool tune.
    I remember a friend of a friend trying to send me a snippet of it to me years ago in an attempt to convert me from AC/DC hater.
    He could only get 10 seconds sent, though.
    This is awkward, but I don't know who Love/Hate are...
  3. I did see AC/DC again, on the "Razor's Edge" tour.
    Wasn't much into them around that era, but my sister's boyfriend bought me a ticket.
    Love/Hate opened up!
    Do you remember the great Love/Hate tune, "Rock Queen?"
    "Rock queen, thirteen, buxom blonde, virgin..
    Let me eat your cookies."

    People were frowning through their set.
  4. They're dinosaurs now, but given the chance, I think I would go see them now.
    They're legends, after all.
    I'm kind of regretting not going just for the sake of it when they had a few sell out shows in Melbourne in '08.
    I remember my Dad wouldn't let me go to see the Chili Peppers when I was in the 7th grade.
    I have and had no idea why not.
    Even he liked them, and we'd been to tonnes of concerts before that.
    They were probably my favourite band around that time... The last tour with John.
    I'm still mad I wasn't able to go.

    That's not like missing a prime VH, though.
    That's bound to have caused some deep psychological issues, haha.
  5. AC/DC was my first concert, i was nine years old! (I was kinda scared, but it was awesome)
    It was the "For those about to rock" tour, at the Boston Garden in December.
    Still...the best concert i've ever seen, the band was in it's prime!
    When i saw VH, it was 1988, and they were on the downward slope with Hagar and OU812.
    I had the chance to see VH in 1982, but my friggin' parents refused to let me go!
    I had already seen AC/DC, and they had the nerve to say, "You're too young to go..."
  6. I went on an all out AC/DC binge yesterday, watching a tonne of clips and documentaries on Youtube.
    I'm truly angry now that Australia had to burn me out on them at such an early age.
    I think if I grew up somewhere else, that I'd be a huge fan.
    Some real gold nuggets in their collection, for sure.
    Powerage is all killer, no filler!
  7. I was never big into either "Dirty Deeds" or "For those about to rock."
    I love a few tracks on FTATR (COD, FTATR, Put the finger on you, Let's get it up...)
    Dirty Deeds is kind of a throwaway, except for maybe "Ride on" and "Millionaire."
    The rest of it is stuff that wasn't good enough for the other albums.
    "Highway to Hell" is great, "Let there be Rock" is great, "Blood" is perfection.
  8. The best thing is that there's non of the hits that have been over played to death on the radio.
    Nothing but deep cuts.
    They kind of sound like a more stripped down and somewhat primitive Aerosmith.
    But yeah, I pretty much love the whole record.
    Probably going to get Highway to Hell and For Those About to Rock, then maybe Dirty Deeds.
    Not too into the other stuff, though.
    Might have to check out that live album, too.
  9. "Powerage" is a great record.
    Lyrically, it's kind of dark and down, but i really love Bon's words on this one.
    Angus plays some solo's with a "southern" feel, which i like.
    The live record, from that tour (If you want blood...) is incredible!
  10. I now own Powerage.
    This is 100% because of your post listing all of those tunes.
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