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  1. That's my point , bro . A lot of them are new accounts with zero posts . How can they be banned ? It's spammers and hoaxers who are f**king around on here - again !!!
  2. How is he online if he's banned?
    Are they cloaking themselves with that profile?
  3. Right now there's a new member - xportvtvan , who has that "I'm now banned" thing on his profile ....
  4. I didn't even realise.. That's pretty cool now that I think about it.
    Don't want to post more so that I can keep it that way haha.
  5. Congrats on your post # 5150 !!!
    Sorry you used it on a Spam thread , and replying to a Spammy Fagar lover like moi ... LOL Kidding bud .
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