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Conversation Between Simon Ribeiro and DLR 1973
Welcome to the ClassicVanHalen.com.

Conversation Between Simon Ribeiro and DLR 1973

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  1. Thanks for the support.

    Why can't you post here simon?

  2. Just read the Mod stuff there and your recent thread.
    It's a shame I still can't post here, but you did the right job.
  3. Cheers, man!
  4. I hope so Simon, and thanks for the support.

    Seem to be doing an alright job at the moment, Main is going quite well at the moment, of course that's mainly down to the members. We are blessed with many site members that have a lot of knowledge on Van Halen and it certainly shows.

    The guitar store forum's so superior to other sites on the net too.

  5. Congrats, man!

    Hopefully you'll do a nice job as a mod.

    See ya!
  6. Fine thanks Simon.

    I'm hoping that Van Halen are busy writing and recording new music.

    Good to hear from you.
  7. Hey, man!

    How's life? Hopefully you're doing fine, right?

    See ya!
  8. Yes all is great, in fact been so busy I haven't been able to get on here that often.

    The Confederation Cup should be a good tournament.

    I would like to see England take part one day.

  9. Football! The Confederation Cup is about to start HERE where I live, man!

    Cheers - how are you doing? Hope all is fine.

  10. Thanks,

    you too Simon
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