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  1. Simon! Que tal, amigo!?

    That's awesome, I've looking at getting some splashes soon and another crash as mine of 8 years just cracked. My band just got signed on a local label too! We're releasing some stuff pretty soon!

  2. Hey man .... how are you doing?
    Had the money and I bought 02 8' splashes - nice stuff!
    Looks like a local label will release my band's 1st effort!

    See ya!
  3. Olá amigo!

    Eu estou bem! Não, você não pode falar português, usando Traduz Google para Espanhol para Português. hahaha. Eu tenho um monte de trabalho com a universidade. Espero que você pode postar aqui em breve. Eu estive tocando bateria um pouco, mas eu tenho pouco tempo e ainda tocar com a banda. gravá-lo em um mês
  4. Nice new avatar, man.

    Rudes are damn great!

    How's life?

    See ya!
  5. Glad to hear you're doing okay! That's awesome, man. It sounds exciting!

    Damn, what type of bands are you playing in? Playing lots of concerts?

    Yeah, I'm still playing drums. Practicing a lot to get better. We're playing soon in August with a power metal band called Seven Kingdoms. I'm really excited for that since we have new members in our band. I hope the posting problem gets fixed soon for you.
  6. Hey, man! \o

    All is fine here - not a single problem regarding to those protests. In fact, I went to
    one of them (June, the 19th) and I'm gonna tell you something ... I never EVER
    saw so many chicks in life. Most of the peo0ple there just went to see how things
    would end or to march supporting something (against the PEC 37 most of the times).

    Other than that ... people wanted to take pics and post'em over that shitty FB thing.

    How about the skins? Playing that hard? I'm on 02 bands now. 02 bands, man! :P

    See ya! Still I can't post here! Damn!
  7. Hope you're doing well down there. I know things are getting crazy with the protests. I hope you and your family are safe. Saludos, amigo.
  8. Yeah, that is pretty weird, man. Hope you can get that fixed, amigo.
  9. I'm ok, man!
    I just can't post here - for some reason, I can write pms, but can't post a damn thing thru the forums.
    Weird, isn't it?

    See ya!
  10. Hey, man. Hope you're doing well!! \,,/
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