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  1. So ... what's up bro?

    How is Kate Perry - is she still calling you everyday?

    See ya!
  2. Life is great down here, man. Kids are fine. I'm fine as well.
    FB - I don't like the place/site or even got an account. But that's ok.
    Heard that the Links ain't gonna keep running in the near future. Weird!

    Moved the van hagar thread yesterday.
    Funny .. I can do lots of stuff here, but posting or even read PMs now.

    See ya!
  3. Don't waste your time listening to Rob - Van hagar sucks. Ha!!!!!!!!!1

    How are you doing?

    See ya!
  4. That's my wife, simon!
    Yeah, yeah, i know i could do better, but...
    Close enough for rock n roll.
  5. Who's the chick in your signature? She's fine, man!

    How's life? Here everything is great! See ya! : )
  6. Nice new av, man!

  7. Same old thang, Simon!
    not much happening on my end.
    Hope you are done working through all the stuff you were dealing with.
    I always wish you well, my friend.
  8. Wish I could quote you over the Main Forum (the VH video from Oakland).
    Damn - still I can't post here! Need to fix this stuff here.

    How are you doing, man? Hope all is fine.

    See ya!
  9. She was supposed to do the signing the week of the Boston Marathon, but after the
    bombings, she chickened out and cancelled.
    She rescheduled, and will be doing the signing this coming Wednesday.
    I'm going to be off that day, though, so i'll miss it.
  10. So ... you were really rejected by the Links? I can have a word with Brett, man! : D

    Things are going on here, man. I appreciate your concern though. Thanks for that.
    Need to have some extra time so I can pm you sooner. How's Kate Perry?

    BTW, did Kat Von D decided to visit Boston and have another sign stuff where you work?

    See ya!
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