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  1. See ya soon, my friend!
  2. Hey, man!

    How are you doing? I know you B-day is near, isn't it?
    How's life? How are things going on your way?
  3. Mike is making Burritos at "Sammy's waborita shack."
  4. The next VH album will be the last, i'm guessing.
    Mid 2016 is my prediction.
    Michael Anthony will not be in the band.

    Thank God for that!
  5. Oh, man ... I wish I could post again here.<BR>I still like this place, but I'm not the net administrator where I work<BR>so I can't download any stuff including something like Google Chrome<BR>as a navigator - I'm sure it would work out and let me return to post<BR>here daily. I'm still waiting the moment to come back to CVH.<BR><BR>We'll see.<BR><BR>Thanks for the reply, anyway. Hope all is fine, man.<BR><BR>See ya!
  6. Good to hear from you, Simon!

    I don't know why you never post anymore.
    Actually, this place has gone completely stale for a couple years now, so....
    I don't blame ya!

    Good to hear from you, though.
  7. Hey, man!
    How do you do?
    Hope all is fine there.

    Watching lots of football these days?
    I guess .... NOT! Hehehehe!

    I miss you, my friend.
    See ya!
  8. Hey, man!

    How's life?

    See ya!
  9. I love this place, man. The point is that I can't post from my work
    and when I come back home I'm too tired to read and stuff.
    It sucks pretty much, but I still can't fix these things here.
    The 1984 thread over Main is damn cool. Remember that EVH
    always said 1984 was the 1st record he did his 'own way'. That' why
    he built 5150 (the studio) just not to repeat something like DD.

    Happy New Year, man. See ya!
  10. Hey Simon!

    Good to hear from you, man.
    How come you stopped posting on the board?
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