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  1. Hey, man! How are you? How's life? Hopefully all is fine with you.

    Oh, you see ... the goddamn browsers here won't allow me to post again. Here or elsewhere that is powered by VBulletin. But I can post visitor messages!

    Hey, I saw those videos from Baby Metal you posted. Damn - what a kick ass and insane band!! Thanks for sharing those videos. Iron Maiden will be playing in my hometown next March the 22nd. Me, my daughter and my son will be hanging around with the Irons. BTW, Anthrax will be the open act. Isn't it nice? See ya!
  2. Hey, man! How are you? Hope all is fine.
    News from the Mighty One?

    I wish you and your family a Happy New Year.
    Plans for 2016?

    See ya!
  3. Nice, Simon!

    I still can't get over Ace or Peter not being part of it, though.
    Thayer is a good player, having said all that.
  4. Kiss came to my hometown, man. A month ago!
    What a fucking cool gig they put out!
    How are you? Hope all is fine!

  5. I wish he'd reform Wings!
    I wanna hear Linda on those wonderful, off key harmonies like it was 1977.
  6. Your GF saw Paul McCartney? <br>That's nice - I saw him here in my hometown last year, hehehehe.<br><br>How are things your way, man? Hope all is fine.<br>See ya!
  7. Happy new year, Simon!

    Hope all is well on your side of the planet.
  8. Where is your god damn avatar, man?

    How is life? Just a short visit to wish you a Happy New Year.

    Greetings, man!

    See ya!
  9. So ... What's up?

    See ya!
  10. Yes, my B-day is near...
    Why you no post here anymore!
    Come on, man, we need ya....place is down to like three members. LOL!
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