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  1. It's funny, i just picked up the new issue of CR, and guess who is featured?
    I must say, they look creepy as hell!
  2. That's fair enough.
    Good new groups a tough to come by these days.
    Ghost are pretty good, but not special. Just re-creating what Mercyful Fate did, but with Doom riffs and just not as good.
    Anyways, see you later.
  3. I haven't heard them.
    My MF days are sort of long gone, though i still respect those guys.
    I don't really discover a lot of new groups, these days, just resort to the old one's.
  4. Hey man, have you heard of the band Ghost? They're heavily influenced by Mercyful Fate and are trying to continue on with their Satanic works haha. They're pretty good.
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