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  1. I ran into the Ghost guy from school today.
    He insists that the new Papa is a different vocalist, and not Tobias.
    He says the he sounds completely different, and that they're going to bring in a completely different guy soon.
    He sounds different on the new record, but that's just because he's singing in different ranges.

    What do you think?
    I think it's the same guy.
  2. Could this be magic, or could this be looooooove?
    I hope it doesn't turn tragic, though.
    Something tells me this is the right time.
  3. Gotta wait until tomorrow to pick up this laptop...
  4. Hahahaha!
    That little sexually confused bastard.
  5. Yeah, the writing sort of tanked season to season.
    Season three is still my favorite.
    I loved the twins (especially Emily), and i love Effy and Cook.

    Oh man, i laugh everyday at work, because we have this big boxed set of some
    teen mermaid show called: H2O (just add water).
    On the box cover are three, hot teenaged chicks on a beach, with mermaid tales.

    The reason i laugh is because, an extra on season three, was the twins' little brother,
    filming a "goodbye" speech to his parents and sister, because he decided to run away.
    On his wall, in his bedroom, was a huge poster of that exact same H2O/Mermaids, box-cover!
  6. The Nick thing really pissed me off.
    He's a jock.
    Why would he go for Frankie?
    He had no interest for her at all...
    Very bad writing.

    Group text in that she sent the same message to a couple of people, to find out when the final is.
    So when someone wrote back, I got that message.
    Then when she wrote back to them, I got her message.
    Or maybe just my phone does that...

    I'll reply to your inbox later... Ya filthy brunette big boobed lovin' perv!
  7. I've noticed that on "Skins", every season, everyone is "in love" with everyone else.
    Even J.J. was like, "Effy...i love you," even though Cook and Freddy "loved" her.
    Now this season, randomly, Nick "loves" Frankie, though Matty does, too.
    Suddenly, Mimi is in love with allo, after pretty much despising the kid.

    Group text????
    WTF is that about!?
  8. Did you notice the JPJ symbol tat on his back, though?
    I think that was pretty cool.

    JFK texted again, but this time it was a group message.
    Someone else told her when the final is.
    Just watch, now that I'm not needed to find out where it is, there will be nothing.
    Being used.
  9. I can't get over that!

    Rich was a diehard metalhead in season one, then suddenly, he's all hipster with
    skinny jeans and frosted hair!
    They never explained it, either.
  10. I'm still depressed about Rich selling out..
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