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  1. Just realized this response never made it your way:

    You know what "they" say - if its TOO loud you're too old!

    My other power trio's back in the day were Celtic Frost, Destruction, Sodom and Kreator. Still listen to Celtic Frost all the time.

    That's what happens when you don't navigate here too often!
  2. I love Rush and Cream and Triumph (and a few other power trios).

    But Motörhead just kicks! Saw them live here in my hometown last year - TOO loud.

    See ya!
  3. Thanks. Cheers to you as well. If I had to pick only one band to listen to for the rest of my life - one band - I'm pretty sure it's going to be Motörhead
  4. Good to know we have another Motörhead fan around here.

    Cheers, man!
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