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  1. Sorry , man . Didn't mean to upset you . There's a lot of shite that goes on here , which may not be apparent to Freak or Mods , who don't regularly pop in . Even if they do , it's unlikely that they scour through every thread/post . No worries , man . I still think this is a great site . For the most part ... Haha
  2. Punk !!!
    Stop closing all the threads . Mezro/DLR 1973/et al , is a hacker troll . WHY can't you people see it ? Tell Freak to check into it . All of the hate mail towards Mezro is NOT just out of the blue .
  3. Happy Birthday Punk !!!
    I hope you're enjoying yourself today , and that a little VH creeps in somehow . Cheers
  4. Thanks for the reply !
    I'm still going strong and things are pretty good . Not jamming much either , but i plan on spending a some time over the next few days and weeks .
    Crazy busy at work as well . Sorry to hear of your car accident ! Good to see on on here again . Cheers
  5. Rawk!
    I've been slammed at work since the beginning of the year. Throw in a car accident, some health issues and a hectic family life. It's just been tough to really sit down and have some leisure time online.
    Things are clearing up and hopefully I can resume with more "ME TIME". Almost there. Haven't been jamming as much as I want. Finding the time is tough.
    Nothing different that anyone else.

    How about yourself? How are things?
  6. Punk !!!
    We hardly see you anymore . Still jamming ?
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