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  1. Haha, right on! I was wondering what was up! Cheers
  2. I took about 12 or 13 people off there last night . I obviously didn't mean to include you , bro .
    Sometimes all those check marks look the same !!! LOL
  3. Wow. Nice to see you deleted me from your friends list...WTF?
  4. JD !!!!! Tonight's your night , brother . Have a kickass time . Tell us all about it , when you get back . CHEERS
  5. Glad things are well . I've been busy too , but it's all good . Remember to take your camera to the VH show !
  6. Yeah, I've been workin a LOT tryin to get as much done before I leave and get my guys prepped before I leave, but I figure I will probably still come home to a clusterf**k haha! I'm knockin back a few cold ones listening to ADKOT, Dave's Best Of, and some Tool before playing the skins...I'm sooooo rusty, its very frustrating, but I just dont have the time to play enough to maintain decent chops. Oh well, still have fun! Only a few days til my next Halenization!
  7. We seem to be missing each other lately on here ! Hope things are cool bro ? Gearing up for the big show , i bet !!!
    I've actually spent the last couple of hours playing guitar ... It feels good to get the hands moving again . I need to erase a lot of rust in my left hand , but things are finally coming along .
  8. Wow ... the hits just keep on coming ! LOL
  9. Wow, what a surprise, the resident bi polar baby got his jimmie's all rustled simply because I called him out on his wise ass crack, obviously aimed right for you, at Balance in his thread that had nothing to do with Balance. If it means that much to him to bash Balance, why not do it in a Balance thread? Of course 1234 is getting his kicks joining in. It's funny to see two guys trying to rile up somebody who's not even arguing with them. Aww well, Julian cant help but always show his stripes. Instead of just ignoring threads he has absolutely zero interest in, i.e. anything Van Hagar, he just has to troll on in and piss and moan and whine about music other people like. He has to make everything about him, and has this burning need to post in EVERY thread haha. Blah blah blah. And he thinks he was being nice haha. Poor little boy.
  10. I've been bouncing back and forth on a couple of my dvd bootleg sites ... When i locate some good VH footage from Japan 2013 , i'll let you know . Hope we don't have to wait too long !!! Your show this month should also be a good place to record . As soon as i get these in my hands , i'll burn you a copy . Can't wait ! Cheers
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