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  1. Not sure, cuz I only go out at night when it's cold. Tea and biscuits mate!
  2. How's the weather , over in the UK ?
  3. Hahaha, I'm not Gomerpyle, but it's a pretty funny troll name!
  4. I always wanted to call you "Gomer" . LOL
  5. I want all the Eddie Van Halen fans around the globe . to join hands and sing "We Are the World" LOL .
    I'd also like a Lamborghini Countach . Fire hydrant red , with a VH "I can barely see the road" bumper sticker ...
  6. I'm as unbiased as the next guy ... Try me . We're musicians , right ?
  7. Was browsing an old thread where Sum was calling you and UG out about your music . I can understand the right to privacy , but you mentioned that some things had been shared on this site . I'm clueless with stuff like that , so can you give me a link ? I'd like to hear what you've been involved with . Cheers
  8. No worries about the water under the bridge . At the end of the day , it's still Eddie on guitar !
  9. Okay, it's all Van Halen
  10. Added you again ...
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