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  1. Fair enough ... I didn't think you'd actually reply .

    Great site . Lots of fun times on here . I've "met" a few fellow VH fanatics . Blaze On ...
  2. Regarding my friend Simon; Simon has his opinion, and I have mine. But the important thing is that I think we have grown to respect each others opinion and agree to disagree on a few finer points. And that's good, it's good for me and I hope it's good for Simon, but I do know, it's good for this site.
  3. Most of your posts add value to the richness and diversity of opinion expressed on the forum. I don't always agree with your opinion, but I do enjoy reading your posts.
    This site has recently improved above the level of tit for tat replies and mini wars between members that take the focus off Van Halen and firmly on personal agendas.
    VH Freak has done a lot of work behind the scenes to improve this site, and I know he has the support from the active Mods to try and keep his workload down on managing the site.
    So when I see a couple of posts from you that both say "Yawn" in reply to a new post that contains relevant info to the thread they appear in, then yes I will delete them.
    There are many things posted on this site that I find extremely interesting, and there are some things that I don't, but I don't find it necessary to go through the site typing "Yawn" in reply to everything that doesn't interest me.
  4. Thanks for helping with some of my older posts . You provided some clips where I didn't , and even put a tutorial up about posting videos . Mt question is - why have you deleted other posts I've made ? None of my comments were offensive or obscene ... merely opinions of mine . It's not like others haven't made similar remarks ? Simon (a 'friend' of yours and a Mod on CVH.com) has openly slammed Mike in various threads ... Just sayin'
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