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  1. Cheers!
  2. Happy Birthday, Rav!

    Sorry for not posting over the thread started here - that's because I can't post over the forums for some strange reason.

    Hope all is fine with you. Things here are great - life goes on, Rav! : ) See ya! Best wishes! : )
  3. Rav! How are you doing?
    Hope all is fine with you.

    See ya!
  4. So, ... what's up?

    Long time, no talking?

    Hope all is fine, Rav!

    See ya!
  5. Thanks for your pic comment.

    Time came for me to cut the hair short, my friend!

    How are things your way? Hope ALL is fine!
  6. No avatar? Why?

    See ya!
  7. Happy B-day, Ravenna!

    May all your dreams come true!

  8. Yeah, you're right - rollercoaster may be the best definition for life no matter what you get there. The right thing to do is to live according to these ups & downs and let it all go. I noticed you've been in this place more often which is great. Jill says she wants to keep in touch with you, but the language thing is always in the way. She wishes you well, Rav - all the time!

    How about the kids? See you around, my friend!

    PS.: Yngwie will not forgive you for your bad behaviour towards his B-day. Next year, I'll pm you before his main date!
  9. Hahahaha!! How DID I miss that???
    Things are....things. What can I say? Life is a rollercoaster, my friend....sometimes you're on an upgrade, sometimes it's down.....
  10. I don't believe you didn't start an Anniversary thread here to celebrate Yngwie's B-day on June, the 30th?!!
    How bad you are, Rav!

    How are you doing? Hope all is fine!

    See ya!
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