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  1. Doc!

    How are you? Hope all is fine!

    Hey, hope you had a great Christmas' eve night, man.

    See ya!
  2. Doc! How are you doing?
    Hope you're doing fine.

    See ya! : )
  3. Happy Easter, Doc!
  4. Well, Simon, now that Spring is here we are expecting 1/2 inch of snow. It is cold and very chilly right now. Other than that all is well. Over the weekend I was in Chicago and had the good fortune of going to a Brazilian steak house. It was all you can eat, and I ate all I could. One of the best meals I have had in a long time. Thanks for looking in.

  5. We're fine, Doc. Thanks for asking.

    How's the weather with the 1st days of the new season (Spring, right?)?

    See ya!
  6. I'm doing well Simon. Thanks for giving me the proper messaging ediquette. I hope you and Bella have a nice evening.

  7. No probs, Doc! You're the man!

    How are you doing?

    See ya!
  8. You ment like this Simon? This internet thing and messages and shit is way too cornfusing for me. I figured that you made a post to me that when I posted back you got it. My bad. I'll try to remember this in the future not the pasture.
  9. There are 03 types of winter season here in Brazil; mine's the worst with almost zero air humidity with cold winds and a pale sun with temperatures going from 4 to 28 (Celsius). You only have snow in the South region (where my sister lives) and some cities in the hill (Sao Paulo State mostly). Topless girls are rare where I live - if they do that, you can be sure that these are not the beautiful, hot ones. But down to Rio de Janeiro or even in the sunny beaches from the entire North Eastern region you will find these nice ladies wearing only the bottom parts.

    Man, you should reply post over my profile, not on your own! Ha! :P
  10. Things are fine, man. Thanks for asking.

    Yep - we get summer here (though these are the last days of it), but we have alternate weather with extremely hot sunny days followed by lots of rainy ones. But that's ok - I like both.
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