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  1. I'm fine, man. 01 day at a time. Life's good down here.
    I'll find some time off to write you a pm so I can talk 'bout some other stuff there.
    How's music? Still writing you own stuff? I hope so. : )

    See ya!
  2. Hey Simon! I'm doing well. How are you?
  3. AJ, my friend!

    How are you?

    Hope all is fine, man!
  4. AJ, you sick mofo!
    Glad to see you around, my friend.

    How are you doing? Hope ALL is fine.

    See ya!
  5. AJ!

    How are you doing, man?

    See ya!
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Gonna find myself some time to listen to the stuff you sent me, man!

    How are you doing? Hope all is fine!

    See ya!
  8. Yo! I got the email, but didn't have the right time to listen to it carefully. Pretty busy here at work if you ask me.
    Great to know you're fine, man!

    Talk to you later - gotta listen to the tune and then reply the email to you.
    See ya!
  9. AJ, you sick mofo!

    How are you, man?

    See ya!
  10. Well for now girls are non-existent in my life. I am doing side jobs whenever I can get them. Music? check your e-mail.
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