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  1. Hey, no problem, I always enjoy your vids. And your VH wall is simply awesome!
  2. hey bud,
    I have so many songs I would love to post the entire song of. HEH is one of them. I am sure I will play the whole song one of these days. I have not played the entire solo in years but I am sure it would not take too long. Your right... thats a tough one for sure and I am sure drums are no exception. ha ha... thanks for the vote of confidence too. I appreciate it,

  3. Hey, Rob, hopefully you will put up a video of you playing all of Hang Em High. I dont know if you've worked on the solo, but that is definitely one of the toughest VH songs on drums as well, just because of the amazingly fast tempo the boys are flyin along at! Cheers!
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