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  1. Yeah, it's like we GOT the album, we GOT the tour, now what?
    After years of waiting & complaining, VH delivered in the end.
    But, again...
  2. I never technically left. I was caught up with the Buckeyes run to the Final Four and then last week the kids were on Spring Break. I took the week off and we took small trips around our area to get out of the house. The only time I'm really here is when I'm at work and between patients. Now that the tour has gone on with out me and seems to be chugging along without a hitch there really isn't all that much to chat about. Unfortunately for me it also coincides with a dead period between basketball and football. I hope all is well with you in Beantown.
  3. You're back!

    I missed you, good Doctor.
  4. No, her boss buys her these tickets and she spends three or four days in LA acting like a big shot. She works for a company in Cincinnati. She doesn't get to talk to them, just walk in with them. She then goes to some after grammy party. I haven't talked to her, but she posted it on her FB page. I youtubed Katy's red carpet entrance and did not see sis. Katy looked smokin' in her blue dress. I even liked the blue hair!
  5. Does she work for Access Hollywood?!!!
    What did she say Katy was like?
  6. UG, my sister has gone to the Grammy awards for three or four years now. Last year she walked down the "Red Carpet" with Lady GaGa, but this year she was fortunate enough to walk in with young Ms. Perry. I thought of you instantly. You would have dry humped her in front of the popparrazii. Me too, prolly.
  7. Whew! You took my post as a joke. Thank goodness. It is hard to convey sarcasm over the intrawebs. I'm curious to hear the new tune/album. "Tattoo" isn't piquing my interests. Everytime I see that song titile I hear Vince Neal in my head.

  8. Hang the witches, hang the witches!
    Been watchin' me some Vincent Price, Conqueror Worm (sick movie!)
  9. Doc, i did NOT have relations with that woman!
    Happy Thanksgiving.
  10. UG, have a Happy Thanksgiving. Be safe in your travels.

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