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  1. Hey Jack, i'm going to message you instead of typing it all here!
  2. New Ghost artwork revealed... Do you know if it's based on a movie poster this time?

    Inbox me your Facebook account, I miss having someone to talk to about music that isn't contemporary hip hop.
  3. Such a bizarre situation, to be a fan of a band but to effectively die by their hand.
    Randy's taken a lot of time off, and I don't blame him at all.
    His maturity as a person is really commendable.
    He doesn't give himself enough credit.
    He's very intelligent, and as you said, his ideologies lie something far, far beyond that of being a redneck which he claims to be.

    I don't think that Pantera are over-rated, it's just that as you said, there's too much filler on their albums.
    Their good tracks are up there with the best of them no doubt, though.
    I really like Dime's style, and I don't think we'll ever hear a guitarist like him again; heavy riff based, but with groove and feeling and ripping solos with speed and precision which actually sound memorable. Very clean attack, too.

    I just prefer early Lamb of God.
    When I'm in a Lamb of God mood, those two aforementioned albums are up there as my all time favourites in any genre.
    Did you check out the Palaces remaster?
  4. It was his sister's only child.
    That's a hard thing to be associated with, having that kid, a fan of your band, lose
    his life at your show.

    I kinda thought Pantera was overated as well.
    Early Dimebag was great, purely on a guitar playing level.
    He was a great lead guitarist, wearing his influences proudly on his sleeve.
    Towords the end, the guy got so bloated & worn down looking.
    It looked like he was drinking heavily constantly.

    Having said that, i still think "Far beyond driven" is a fantastic metal record.
    I absolutely love things like 25 years, Becoming & Shedding skin.
    I think Vulgar & Cowboys are overated, though.
    There's a lot of filler, especially on cowboys.
  5. I think they were further along than on the verge.
    I prefer Palaces and Ashes to anything Pantera put out, to be honest.
    I thought that the Uncle of the kid was going to give a speech of empathy to Randy, and then he went on about how messed up their family became from what happened.
    That hit hard.
  6. "We" meaning our team, The Patriots.

    That doc got me back into Lamb of God.
    They were on the verge, next level, but then they kinda lost their focus.
    I was thinking they could have taken the torch from Pantera.

    Their musicianship was off the charts, and they had a real natural creativity
    that never felt contrived.

    But the doc is so good & moving, as well.
  7. I just ordered it!

    Didn't know you were that much of an NFL fan.
    Who's we? Haha.
    I live in Casa Grande which is 45-60 minutes away from Phoenix.
    Not a fan of Arizona at all...
  8. Def get it, man, it's really good!

    I actually watched it online for free via Vod locker (video on demand).
    It's on there for streaming in HD.

    We're coming there for the superbowl!
  9. I forgot about that movie! Should I order it off Amazon? I've yet to see it.

    I heard that their new material is sounding pretty good. Fingers crossed... I haven't been excited for a metal release in the longest time now.

    What's news with you?

    These past few months in Arizona have been hell, yikes. Hoping I end up in California or New York next year.
  10. Just watched the LOG doc: As the palaces burn.

    It was fucking amazing & so engrossing, with a little twist towords the end.
    I have much respect for that band, and especially Randy.
    You can tell, at heart, they are really good human beings.
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