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  1. Hey man, how are you? Hope all is fine.

    Humm, I must tell you that a certain thread here over the CVH Foruns helped me to come back and listen to Physical Graffiti.
    And what a kick record (both of them may I add). Thanks for telling me to insist on listening to those gems, man.

    Have a Happy New Year and, if possible, come back to post here.

    See ya!
  2. Hey, man!

    Where the hell are you?

    See ya!
  3. Where are you, man?
  4. I'm ok, man.

    It's funny - you reply your visitor messages here!

    How's life? Any possible show these next days/weeks?

    Man .... Metal Church is going to play in São Paulo.
    I really think I'm gonna see these guys. Them, Loudness and TS!

    See ya!
  5. Hey, man!

    Everything is all right? Hope so.

    See ya!
  6. Hey, man - how are you doing?
    Hope all is fine.

    Hey, I think I read something here about a certain discussion over the backing vocals on Thank You and stuff.
    I have some doubts about other Led Zep stuff, but I just can't find the thread (or maybe just posts).

    Can you help me there?

    See ya!
  7. His story of achieving his dream in his 40's is pretty inspiring.

    I totally agree with this statement about Doug - the guy is great!

    See ya!
  8. Thanks for the Cafe Wha? link, man!

    Much appreciated.
  9. Nice guitar playing! Kudos, man!
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