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  1. Yeah I had a PM too. Just deleted it without bothering to read it.
  2. lol yeah he's PMing me claiming to be DLR1973, seems pretty psycho if you ask me.....
  3. Hey Wimpy, it's cool to have you back. Unfortunately, you get to come back to crap like this latest alias of some loser, gulpmedown, posting a bunch of stupid garbage. This nut has had a few other aliases over the last couple months, but the mods usually clean it up fairly quick and ban him. Cheers.
  4. Frick, no kidding! Been working 12-13 hours a day all this week and I gotta get up at 5 and do it all again tomorrow! Cheers.
  5. Go to bed!!
  6. Than_s for the _eyboard l!n_ W!mpy! ! have a h!gh School reun!on go!ng on th!s wee_end but th!s wee_ when ! have more t!me ! th!n_ !'ll g!ve !t a try. Tal_ at ya later.
  7. Yeah, I just got home from work an saw that Ichiro is gone...I know his best days are behind him but I'm still bummed. I would've liked him to retire as an M. But hopefully this will help revitalize him, because if he can get it going for a couple more years, he could still get to 3000 hits. I hate the Yankees haha, but I hope he does really well for them!
  8. I don't know if you're a Mariners fan, but my Yankees just traded for Ichiro.
  9. Hey Wimpy, things are pretty dead on here tonight. Start up a thread that we can hijack!
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