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  1. Happy Birthday!

    Cheers, man!
  2. Thanks Simon! I'm glad to be aboard, and to be one of you guys!
  3. Congrats, man!

    Good to see you in red!
  4. Congrats over your 3000th post.

    Nice sig picure, btw.

    See ya!
  5. Reading your current sig (VH signs 13 year 1 album deal with interscope) made me curious about it - Is that true?

    See ya!
  6. Happy Birthday!

    See ya!
  7. Ha - got it. The GAF was pretty easy to understand.

    Thanks for the post, man!

    Hey, you got to meet some cool people there!
  8. Its a biker thing over here in the states that they like to put on stickers, shirts etc. It mean -does. it. look. like. i. give. a. fuck. I just think it fits for how they act and in the lines of f.u.c.k. or ou812
  9. So... what does Dilligaf means? :P

    See ya!
  10. That's a nice picture on the left!
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