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  1. Thanks , vhjack
    Nothing I can't handle - just a few hiccups in the grand scheme . About JD ? I mentioned that a few of us were wondering about him . He's been absent for a while ...
  2. I hope everything works out for you.. I haven't heard from him, but I hope he gives you a reply. It's strange that he hasn't been on for so long.
  3. It sure does ! No need to explain . There's a few things going on in my world too . Some good , some not so much . btw - I just sent JD an email today on Yahoo mail . Hope he replies . Have you heard from him ?
  4. Life gets in the way sometimes
  5. You're quiet lately , for the most part . Was it something I said ... ? LOL
  6. The new GW is very cool ! Tony goes into a lot of detail . His photos are sad to look at though ...
  7. Yeah, I heard the Tony Iommi interview is pretty interesting.
    Not even a week left until the new Sabbath album is out now..
  8. The new guitar world has Ozzy and Iommi on the cover . There's also a few pages about that Ghost band i've heard you talk about .
  9. Hey Jack .
    I finally put a few original demos on the SoundCloud site . I'd be very grateful if you could post a few of them in the "CVH online riffs" thread i started .
    My username there is still rawkinrobbievh1 . I put up 5 tunes , and have a couple more still to come . Some bluesy stuff and some old Ozzy covers ...

    Thanks a bunch . I hope more people continue adding stuff to that thread . i know there's more musicians on here ...
  10. Bot alert ; faheykxx is on right now , similar "banned" quotation . VH Freak has his work cut out for him !!!
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