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  1. JD !!!
    Happy 2014 , brother . Cheers
  2. Thanks, Robbie!
  3. Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Haha! Yeah, whats up with all this BS going on? I'm just ignoring it all. Cheers.
  5. Cool , bro . That's a relief .
    I get a kick out of the obvious nutjobs , trying to make me out to be a computer mastermind . LOL .
  6. Haha not at all, just been slammed at work and havent been posting much at all really. I do notice you getting upset at guys rippin on Sam, or the Hagar era, but you gotta expect that from some of these guys on here. UG and possibly 1234 might be trying to bait you, but I doubt very much if a guy like Incomudro, who I dont think has ever had a run-in with anybody, is involved in anything sinister to get your goat. Most people on here just genuinely do not like the Hagar era. I'm a 'tweener, in that I liked it when I was a kid, and still like a lot of the music the Brothers came up with, but I now loathe Sam's irritating voice and despise him as a person...it just is what it is. But you and I will always be cool, and you're my VH brother.
  7. You've been sort of aloof with me lately , or so it seems . What gives ???
  8. Go and enjoy your drums , brother .
  9. Cheers, Rob, I'm gonna go play my drums a bit before it gets too late. Maybe see ya on here later tonight.
  10. Sorry to give you a bad taste for a second . I went through and purged several items . People who are no longer here , etc.
    It's one of the reasons I was hoping to get our profile access reinstated . Even users I chatted with 2 years ago were still listed as "contacts" . LOL
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