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  1. STOKED!!!!!
    It's coming, Simon, and today was the floodgates opening!
  2. Hey, man! How are you?

    Hope all is fine!
  3. I'll follow yours and VHjack advices and listen to some gems from Aerosmith.

    See ya!
  4. It was a good signing, Simon, all went well with our former pres.
    I only wish we could get Ace Frehley to do a book tour for, "No Regrets."
  5. How are you doing/

    Good to hear that Bill Clinton will be releasing his book over your bookstore.

    See ya!
  6. Hey, man. How are you?

    I read the "I hate everyone" thread and decided to see if things are ok with you again.

    See ya!
  7. Thanks, Simon!
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