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  1. Happy B-day/Feliz Aniversario.

    Cheers, mate!
  2. I think I got tired - not from the site, but fighting and keep discussing old arguments with people that you know they'll not change their minds or even accept different opinions or even musical tastes.

    Man, I remember wasting my precious time listening to what? .... 52 seconds of a sampler from chickenfroot's 1st single? I ain't gonna do that again. No Sir!

    How's the weather after Irene?

    See ya!
  3. I know why you still defending EVH here.

    But, in a way, you're wasting time on and on. There will be EVH bashers all the time to confront and you positive opinion about the guy. That's why I really stopped posting stuff here during the last few weeks. Nobody seems to give the right value to our guitar hero. What a sad fact, man.

    See ya!
  4. The guy doesn't want to believe it, which is the case with many obvious things.
    It's like debating with a spoiled ten year old. Not worth it.
  5. Are you still wasting time discussing about the bass player? He didn't record a single note for FW or 1984. And he was told what to do after the debut album. Clear as the Sun.

    How are you doing? See ya!
  6. You may enjoy these videos:


    See ya! : )
  7. Boring....
  8. I'll do the same, but there are limits where you know you voice is heard and when you're just yelling at deaf people.

    See ya!
  9. Edgar Winter? Edgar Van Halen? I'll defend 'em both!
  10. You're wasting your time and words over that Mike Anthony thread.

    And, in the end, you'll find yourself frustrated just like EVH certainly felt during some periods of his successfull career.

    See ya!
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