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  1. I was thinking about shooting Krista an email . Have you heard from her at all ?
  2. Sweet! Aldrich is a really unsung player, but what I've ever heard from him I've always been impressed. I just got home from workin, and had FW cranked up on the way home. Man, I havent listened to FUCK in atleast a year or two, but PD, Dream Is Over, and Top/World sound good right about now!
  3. I've been on a Steve Vai , Randy Rhoads and Doug Aldrich kick lately . Killer players , and some great licks .
    This afternoon i'll be back in Eddie mode . Gonna kick on ADKoT and maybe even F.U.C.K.
    Summertime is almost here ... Can't wait to blast some VH up at the cottage !!! Cheers , brother
  4. Thanks for the request. You are a pretty cool dude. Cheers fellow fanatic!
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