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  1. Yeah, this is why ICM is so missed. He atleast tried to clean up this bullshit. No other mods, or even Freak, care to even try.
  2. I did see that . Also say the other digs that piece of shit tried to lay on me ... Why Freak doesn't see this garbage for what it is , is baffling .
  3. What a surprise. The dick troll, 1234, made a thinly veiled dig at you in the Stephen Pearcy/Ratt thread with post #52. What an asshole. I almost posted something in response, but what's the point. Funny, how this "musician" supposedly based in LA, still has never posted anything of his, even after Art called him out. As for Julian, I can be civil, but that's it. Too bad Art wont come back.
  4. Hey , brother !
    Just checking in for a bit . The site has been kind of quiet this week , save for a few posts . I can only assume that you've all migrated to Japan for next weeks' gigs !!! LOL
  5. I know what you mean . Last week was a killer at work for me too ... The WACF thread was for you , bro !!!
  6. Hey brother! Yeah, I'm just crazy busy with work right now, worked all seven days this week, a couple of them "light to dark", and I havent had much time or energy to be on here lately. I havent even commented that much in the WACF thread haha!
  7. What's up , dude ? You've been a bit quiet on here lately ...
  8. Sorry , bro . Julie needed to get a whipping today . He's such an asshole !!!
  9. It's hard sometimes , i've done it too ! LOL
  10. Yeah, I know...slipped up and had to say something when these fools always say DD is Al at his best. I fell for it...
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