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  1. That girl is cute but I do prefer Alexis Texas. hehe
  2. That is awesome, wimpy!
    Makes me respect Kathy even more, she was important.
    I always liked Charlotte & Gina too, every one of them contributed to make that
    classic Go-Go's sound.
    It's a shame that Belinda & Jane, at this stage in their career, are ending a great
    bands legacy, on a sour note.
  3. Kathy talked to me!! I sent her a FB message expressing my dissatisfaction with the situation, to which she replied: " thank you for such great compliments and recognition, I really appreciate knowing you are aware of my contributions, even the ones that aren't so obvious. I am grateful for the success of the Go-Go's whom I achieved so much with."
  4. Oh christ, i'll bet they get the bassist from the Bangles to fill in...
    Belinda & Jane are like the "Dave & Ed" of the band.
    I'll bet it was about money.
  5. The Go-Go's are fighting again! They kicked out Kathy Valentine!!! Belinda and Jane had a feud with her, and the two of them will block anyone on Twitter tweeting support for Kathy!! It's 1984 all over again!!!
  6. chubby Belinda was more fun...
  7. That Go-Go's picture is so hot!
    I wanna be the straw on Belinda's side.
  8. In other news, the sky is blue, and ducks go quack! hahaha any day now she'll turn up dead.
  9. No, it's just a pun on Lilo or Lo-han.

    Lindsey is back in rehab or jail!
  10. I hope the "new lo" isn't your personal life...
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