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  1. Happy B-day, Double E!

    Cheers, man!
  2. Hey man, how are you doing?

    Hey, you may enjoy this:


    See ya!
  3. 02 emails sent yesterday!

  4. Yeah, I'm still playing with my brother.

    We got an original on youtube, look up "Avalon Steel" and our song 'Live Fast', it's our first gig with the new lineup.

    but yeah, I'll see if I can get some of those ideas down on a recording somehow.
  5. Let's hear the ideas you got there, man!

    Are you still playing with your brother?

    See ya!
  6. Hey man, I'll get something to ya as soon as I have something that is worthy of being recorded.
  7. Hey, man! How are you?

    Any chance you can send me that song you're working on thru email?

    Hope hear from you!
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