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  1. I need to get better at transcriptions. E_E and I have been wanting to do that song for a long time. If I remember correctly, he has his cowbell to the left, sometimes next to the hi hats or above them. He's used to many kits, it makes it a wonder for what was live and what was studio. I'm almost certain he didn't use the live kits for studio, that'd have been a pain. ADKOT had double 26"s though, for certain. I'm wondering if it was the tour kit without the subwoofers or maybe the Cafe Wha style with just natural maple.
  2. Yeah, the fills on the 3 songs on WACF I mentioned, make me wanna see how his kit was configured when they recorded them. Especially that awesome cowbell/tom fill he does after the solo on LOC!
  3. Yeah no kidding, I can't find any of that info out. I know what cymbals and the various snares he used, but damned if I can find what drums he used in albums after the debut. It's for certain he used the silver sparkle kit on the debut, maybe the sophomore as well, but WACF, DD, FW? Who knows. I know he used double kicks though, and from the sounds they're definitely 26" and 24" like it's always been. Configurations seem to vary from song to song as well, you can hear it on fills that he may have extra toms besides the two up and two down.
  4. Nice! Getting used stuff definitely can keep the $$ down. I'd also like to get a couple of bigger roto toms to put under the 3 I got, just above my floor tom. I also need to get an 18" floor tom. Funny, it's been years since I played in a band, so I don't actually "need" any of this extra stuff, but it's so damn fun to play new things and have a wide pallette of tones to play with! That's what made Al's kit so awesome on WACF. I wish there were some photos of the band recording that album in the studio, so we could see how he had the kit configured to record songs like Rhyme, LOC, and Fools. Always wonder if in the studio, the kits in the studio were actually similar to the tour kits, particularly WACF and FW, or maybe condensed versions because of space issues. He didn't seem to have a lot of room in the corner of the studio in those VHII studio pics of Zlozower's that we've all seen.
  5. Shoot, I got my cowbell for 20 hahah, just a cheap one. I've got Iron Cobras that I've used for years now. 200 for double, then I bought a single for like 70 bucks. I buy used mostly to keep costs down.

    I've got all Paiste 2002s except for one crash Sabian B8. I really want an AVH ride too, dude. It's crashable!! That Super Sensitive is probably going to be a favorite for me soon.
  6. You have a cowbell yet? I have a big rock one to the left of my hats, you couldn't see it in the pic. Those things have gotten expensive too! Think I got mine for like $20 as a kid, seems they're usually over $50 these days. I'd really love to get a Tama Iron Cobra double pedal someday, I'm amazed my double pedal hasn't broke down after all these years.
  7. My double pedal is actually a Ludwig pedal I've had for 20 yrs. When I was pricing Octobans I was amazed at how expensive roto toms are these days. Usually $200 or more! When I got mine 21-22 yrs ago, I'm pretty sure I paid $89 for em. Inflation sucks!

    My cymbals are all Zildjan but I've often thought of switching to Paiste. I'd kill for Alex's signature ride!

    I'm definitely envious of your new snare!
  8. Nice! Tama hardware? Roto toms are probably my next item to get. Ludwigs are still expensive, I saved up the past few years for this kit. And I'm still adding to it. Yay vintage!
  9. Hey Nick, cool pic of your kit. I finally posted a pic of my kit in my photo album on my profile page. The 18" and 20" dDrum Deccabons that I got sound so frickin sweet! I have em tuned down pretty low to get a similar sound to what Al gets. Haha, yeah, my original 5 pc is a Pearl(I couldn't find any affordable Ludwigs when I was a kid!) but the 10" and "12 add on toms as you can see, are Ludwigs haha. I really should invest in some more cymbals, but my next splurge on my kit will probably be a couple more deccabons haha! Cheers
  10. Haha! I've had many of those dreams! I'd love to just line up all his kits in a row and play em!
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