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  1. "We got your rock!"
    David Lee brung dat shit in N.H....damn.
  2. Glad to know you had a great time, man!
    You deserve it!

    See ya!
  3. Have a blast, man.
    You're going to see the Mighty One again!

  4. About the link; you're more than welcome Unchained!

    See ya!
  5. Wolf is a HUGE part of this current, much better sound.

    I totally agree with you, Unchainced.
    Wolfie plays clear and precise - kid is damn good!

    See ya!
  6. No, i don't recall one.
    I'm gonna go with Ian Gillan or Glenn Hughes, though!
  7. Do you remember any best/favourite Black Sabbath lead singer thread with poll here?

    How are you doing, man?

    See ya!
  8. I see and you're right! VH will kill whatever comes their way (musically speaking) this year!
    I never got SO many emails talkin' 'bout Van Halen in all these internet years, man!

    This year will be their (and ours as well) year! And they certainly deserve it!
    Happy New Year, my friend!

    See ya!
  9. These fuckers WILL kill, mark my words.
    They WILL KILL, musically.
    Dave, Ed & Al are in the zone, right now, experiencing what could be a re-birth of sorts.
  10. So ... the date over the picture is the release one?

    I'm not holding my breath anymore, man!
    Van Halen 4.0 will kick a$$ with this album!

    See ya!
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